Revolutionary HTML5
file upload plugin

Beautiful and powerful HTML5 file upload plugin. A jQuery and PHP tool that transforms the standard file input into a revolutionary and fancy field on your page.

<!-- 1. Link the font-fileuploader.css, jquery.fileuploader.min.css and jquery.fileuploader.min.js files -->
<!-- 2. create a file input -->
<form action="submit.php" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">
    <input type="file" name="files">
    <input type="submit">
// 3. call fileuploader instance
    // Options will go here

Easy to use

You can see that the Fileuploader can be easily implemented in your HTML page. In average, you need less than five minutes to link the plugin files into your document, create a file input and call the fileuploader instance to get your first view of new file input working.


We collected below a list with different examples that are showing the themes and features of the Fileuploader. Keep in mind that the examples can be combined together. Checkout the "Others" tab to see the entire list with the examples.


Fileuploader as a jQuery file upload plugin - easy to use in many systems, compatible with all modern browsers and >IE10, responsive and works for servers based on PHP, ASP.NET, C#, Node.js, Python and others that supports standard HTML form file uploads as well. Checkout the main features.



5 different themes for all features included. Customize and design your own templates for input and file preview elements; add custom buttons and inputs with HTML/CSS and jQuery.


Add files from different folders

Activate the `addMore` option to let you choose another file once you've choosed one from another folder already.


Drag&Drop and Ajax upload

Upload files separately using Ajax with a nice progress effect after choosing, dropping or even pasting them from the clipboard. Large files can be also sliced into chunks and uploaded to the server.


Preload files and sort

Preload already uploaded files to see and manipulate them. The plugin also provides the ability to sort the all files using drag and drop.


Image editor and lightbox

Preview the files in a lightbox. Enable the editor to edit the images on server-side or client-side by resizing, rotating or cropping them using a custom or free ratio. The PHP class can also create thumbnails for your website.


API and validation

Limit the user from uploading too many or too big or even files with the wrong extension. Add your own validator function and callbacks, use API methods and freely manipulate the appearance and functionality of the plugin.

Download now

Checkout the files that you'll see upon downloading.

A regular license is required if you are using this plugin in one of your personal projects (including sites for your customers) and a commercial license for all commercial applications (including sites, themes and apps you plan to sell).

If you already have a license code, you can download the Fileuploader below.

Download now v2.0

Regular license
  • Limited to 1 project
  • 1 month professional support
  • Feature updates
  • €12
Commercial license
  • Limited to 1 commercial project
  • 3 months professional support
  • Feature updates
  • €30
Commercial license
  • Unlimited projects
  • 1 year professional support
  • Feature updates
  • €95

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We love this Fileuploader! Great looking responsive and user-centered design, ease of use, and very powerfull jQuery file upload with drag and drop functionality. Innostudio helped us to implement it on our video sharing website. It was great working with Innostudio, clear communication and fast implementation. Our website users are uploading more files. Thanks for improving our website file upload system.

Elias B. Front-end developer, Netherlands
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When searching for a multiple file upload solution for my web project, I found a wealth of free and paid options on offer, however Fileuploader was the most elegant solution. It's powerful, beautiful, fully customisable and easy to integrate and very well supported by it's creator, should you require any help.

Richard C. Web Developer, USA
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Fileuploader is the most elegant and full-featured jQuery file upload plugin available. It is highly versatile and customizable. It will greatly improve the appearance and the functionality of all of your upload-enabled projects.

Jordan W. Joomla Developer, Canada
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A very elegant and highly extensible uploader. Not only was Fileuploader the perfect solution, but the documentain and support was excellent! Thank you!

Al N. PHP Developer, Canada
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Very good and quality plug-in in its segment. Would recommend to use.

Nikita B. Full-stack developer, Belarus

List of the features

A full list with all Fileuploader features

Easy to install (3 files only to include in your HTML web page)

A 60Kb JS, 37Kb PHP and 26Kb CSS file upload script

jQuery file upload plugin where you can configurate everything starting with limits and ending with templates

Works in traditional HTML form and very flexible by integration

File list rendered in custom HTML templates

Thumbnails for image and video files generated in Javascript and icons with custom background color generated from the extension for other files

File's thumbnail can be rendered and scaled smartly in a canvas element by CSS or given width and height

Render synchron the file preview

Customize your own input and thumbnail elements

4 different, responsive, fancy and animated templates that you can personalize and use on your website

Choose multiple files from different folders using the basic HTML form

Popup with file information and file preview for image, video and audio files generated from files directly in browser

Popup information like image size, video and audio duration is also included

Popup arrows - navigate between files directly in the popup

Load two different files as thumbnail and large image in the popup to spped up the fileuploader

Image rotating and cropping tool done with jQuery to edit the choosed images. You can also crop images using a custom ratio (1:1, 4:5, 16:9) or free

High quality image resize in browser (resize images smoothly in browser without pixelation). Compress images on the client-side. Save them as Blob files with a certain quality and upload to the server

Respect Exif orientation for images (for example on iPhone and Samsung mobile devices)

Sortable files - ability to sort the files using drag and drop and send the list to the back-end

Drag&Drop file upload feature

jQuery Ajax form upload - Use this jQuery file upload plugin to upload dropped files all together in the form with jQuery Ajax

jQuery Ajax file upload - Use this jQuery file upload plugin to upload each file with jQuery Ajax also setting custom settings and callbacks

Upload the files synchron

Upload files manually by clicking the start button or automatically

Upload files to a 3d party hosting

Upload large files sliced into chunks with a custom size

Upload progressbar with all the data available such as upload percentage, elapsed or remaining time, bytes per second, uploaded or remaining bytes and others

Start, retry, resend and cancel upload actions that you can call everywhere

Using this jquery upload plugin you can also paste images from clipboard to your input and upload them

Validate the file's limit, size, type and extension. You can also use your own function to limit the user from uploading files

Custom validation dialogs. jQuery Fileuploader is using basic alert and confirms dialogs but you can integrate your own modal script

File reader is also included to read each type of file as text, image, video or audio. CORS (cross-origin) support for files that are appended to the plugin

Edit mode for already uploaded files. You can preload the initial list of the files from server to view, edit or delete them

All files with their parameters are in one JSON list in a hidden input

Use HTML input attributes to configurate it like data-fileuploader-

Small template engine is also included in this jQuery file upload plugin to make the editing of thumbnails templates easier

CSS file-like icon. The file icons are currently just rounded but a pure CSS file-like icon is also included

PHP file upload class

PHP class generates an array with many uploaded and appended files information that you can display or save

PHP class can create custom file names using original name, random string, current date or your custom settings

PHP upload class can resize, crop and compress images. Also use resize static method to create thumbnails for the images

PHP class can generate an HTML input with fileuploader attributes for jQuery based on your PHP options

Huge API methods and more than 28 Callbacks to manipulate freely the appearance and functionality of your file uploader input with jQuery

Languages support. Change captions option by writing captions on your own language

It's easy to implement the jQuery Fileuploader plugin into your Webpage based on Wordpress, Joomla, TYPO3, Laravel or other CMS

16 different examples where we are showing how this jQuery file upload plugin is working and that you can implement on your own website

Fully commented and documented in more than 48332 words

Expand it! Implement other plugins to combine the features, create an input by your own to rename the files, choose the primary file, add custom file buttons with actions or upload each file with category and description information. Use all configuration options, callbacks and API methods to create your individual file upload system. Create jQuery and PHP image galleries in the most simpliest way. It's easy!

Active support by including and configurating the Fileuploader on your website

Fileuploader - a jQuery file upload plugin that you will love it!