Beautiful and powerful HTML5 file uploading tool. A jQuery and PHP plugin that transforms the standard file input into a revolutionary and fancy field on your page.

Fileuploader is licensed for multiple and commercial uses.
Last update on 21 April 17


Design your own input

You can very easy design your own input and file preview elements with HTML/CSS and jQuery. We have also prepared 4 responsive and clean templates that you can use.

It is very easy to implement the Fileuploader plugin into your Webpage, also based on Wordpress, Joomla, TYPO3, Laravel and others.


Add files from different folders

We all know that the standard HTML input will not let you choose another files once you've choosed one. This problem cam be easily solved only by activating the `addMore` option in the Fileuploader.


Drag&Drop and Ajax upload

If you don't want to use a form to upload the files, you can easily activate the upload mode in Fileuploader and let your files upload separately with a nice progress effect after choosing, dropping or even pasting them from the clipboard.


Enable the edit mode

For a friendly usability, the already uploaded files can be easily added to the input to see and manipulate them.


Validate and control

With some configuration options you can limit the user for uploading too many, too big or even files with the wrong extension. Add your own validator function and callbacks, use API methods and freely manipulate the appearance and functionality of the uploader.


See all features

Easy to use

What you need is only to include 2 files into your HTML page and activate the Fileuploader plugin for your file input. Check the instructions to get started.

Below is an examples with a basic Fileuploader configuration.


The plugin doesn't change the standard HTML form logic but some features are not available in all browsers. We found out that the Fileuploader is compatible in:


  • Chrome 13+
  • Firefox 3.6+
  • Safari 6+
  • Opera 11.1+
  • Maxthon 3.4+
  • IE 10+
  • and others that supports HTML5


  • ColdFusion
  • Node.js
  • PHP
  • Perl
  • Python
  • and others that supports standard HTML form file uploads

Nice, isn't it?

Another fancy example to show you how customizable are the Fileuploader options. Bring to your customers only the best! Check also the examples page.


A license code is required if you are using this plugin in more than one of your projects (including sites for your customers) or a commercial license code for all commercial applications (including sites, themes and apps you plan to sell). Sharing the source code or selling it particullary is not allowed.

regular license
  • Limited to 1 project
  • 1 month professional support
  • Feature updates
  • €9
commercial license
  • Limited to 1 commercial project
  • 1 year professional support
  • Feature updates
  • €90

By buying a regular license, you will also support this project.
If you want to try the Fileuploader or you are planning to use this plugin only in ONE (for the next using you will need to pay for a regular lincese) personal and non-commercial project without supporting it you can download it on the link below.

Download (3078)

Any questions?

If you have any further questions about the Fileuploader plugin or you want to hire me for a more complex project (ex. file manager), you can write me an email on:
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When searching for a multiple file upload solution for my web project, I found a wealth of free and paid options on offer, however Fileuploader was the most elegant solution. It's powerful, beautiful, fully customisable and easy to integrate and very well supported by it's creator, should you require any help.

Richard C. Web Developer, USA
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Fileuploader is the most elegant and full-featured jQuery file upload plugin available. It is highly versatile and customizable. It will greatly improve the appearance and the functionality of all of your upload-enabled projects

Jordan W. Joomla Developer, Canada
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A very elegant and highly extensible uploader. Not only was Fileuploader the perfect solution, but the documentain and support was excellent! Thank you!

Al N. PHP Developer, Canada